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Lots of work needs to be done

I am overall pretty happy lately, but i have been feeling the pervasive and ever-present need to do something creative, that has compounded over months of neglect....why creative juices need to get some serious flow on. I took a 4 day weekend to try to excavate my art corner, which has been buried under piles of boxes and mounds of craft supplies, and, well, crap supplies too, ever since i was forced to empty my storage unit out (since couldn't afford it anymore). I never really felt the "need" to create, like some artists express, like "If i don't keep making stuff i'll go crazy!" Except that i am finding that after months and months of not making anything at all i am kind of slowly going crazy. Not crazy i guess, just stir crazy, and bored....which i feel is bad because there is NEVER an excuse to be bored!

Well, i didn't nearly finish sorting through stuff, but i did spend a long time and found three boxes of utter crap to throw away and recycle (little fabric scraps, tangled stuff, magazine papers and articles i will never use, old notes, crap), two boxes of stuff i put free on the curb, two grocery bags of canned goods that were past pull date, and one giant box of stuff to resell at Village Merchants, so it wasn't a total wash. There are still a few towers of boxes, but there are empty spots where two huge stacks used to be so, yay...PROGRESS.

No more time to work on sorting this weekend, as I'm catsitting for my ex, and his new bed is wreaking havok on my back, so i feel like turd and find that i'm not having energy to go anywhere or get anything done. Next weekend i will be home though, and i'll need to pour more energy into the sorting. The need to create has definitely snuck up on me slowly...but it is definitely beginning to feel like it is necessary again!


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Nov. 15th, 2014 05:13 pm (UTC)
Hey you. Long time no post.:)

Nov. 18th, 2014 10:29 pm (UTC)
I love being surrounded by stuff I love, but culling out the crap can be very liberating too. I've been donating bags and bags to Value Village this year. Hope you're able to get everything sorted out and do some crafting soon!
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